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Players can “register” the location of their base build by coordinates (you must have begun actually building there on the server, so that I can confirm it visually). That way, I have an actual date by which I can confirm that location in-game, so that if a land dispute does occur I’ll know who’s base to actually demolish. You don’t have to register here, but it may be the only way I can help you in such a case. Griefing in PvE does happen on servers, but I don’t want it happening on mine.

In your post, offer your:

Title: Tribe Name

1. In-game player name / Steam Name

2. Coordinates of your build

3. Date on which you had a building made consisting of at least 8 foundations


For example:

[TITLE] Mongols HQ


1. Kublai / Surly Jester

2. 66.6/56.0

3. Sep 12 2016

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Title: ThunderCats

1. Raven/CarlyAG

2. approx. 54,42

3. 9/24/16

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Title: The Dark Brotherhood

1. Kaitlyn

2.approx. 65/60

3. 9/28/16


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