[Sticky] Special PvP Event  


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21/09/2016 9:53 pm  

Howdy all!

The suggestion was made that we choose a day/time to convert the server to PvP temporarily, and I like it.

The idea is that we can lay waste to one another for a period of time, and then after the ashes and dust have settled, restore the server to the PvE save file from a time previous to the event. That way, we all get to enjoy some PvP nuttiness with friends, without losing everything we've built and worked for peacefully.

Give that it's regularly a PvE server, however, I wonder if applying a password (making it private for the time of the event) would be in order. I don't want to encourage people to see a PvP server, join it, start grinding, then find out that everything they've done was a complete waste of time.

No sense it pissing people off for nothing.

In any case, I'd like some feedback as to what day(s)/time(s) are good for everyone.

For example, perhaps we convert to PvP every other weekend on Saturday, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. or something like that.

Lemme know...

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24/09/2016 1:16 am  

Friday evenings are best for me

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24/09/2016 1:20 am  

I'm all for Saturday evening PvP events! They don't necessarily have to be PvP every time either, such as how we had the colosseum dino battles previously. There could be different themes each week depending on input from everyone on the server.


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